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The Billy Long Real Estate Group is made up of a diverse team of individuals; whose experience in real estate expands over 20 years! We are passionate about Real Estate, we stay involved in the community, some of us were born and raised in Fallbrook and know the country roads like the back of our hand! We are proud to share our local knowledge and expertise of Fallbrook, Bonsall and the surrounding areas. We will go the extra mile to ensure your experience of discovering Fallbrook, Bonsall and surrounding areas will be a memory you will never forget! We look forward to calling you our neighbor very soon!

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Bonsall, Fallbrook and surrounding areas offer unique challenges that may make it difficult to search through standard internet real estate websites because of the rural landscape and back country roads.


We have access to exclusive properties across Bonsall and Fallbrook.


Save money. We work with only local, knowledgeable inspectors/contractors in Bonsall and Fallbrook.


Once you've purchased your home, contact us for our experienced list of vendors that will help you with your new Bonsall and Fallbrook home.

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We have carefully researched all of the important information you should know about The Bonsall and Fallbrook communities. We have created an interactive map that you can click on, to explore. We hope you enjoy!

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